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Beer: Product Info Notes


Do you know your Beer jargon?

Ales are beers made with top fermenting yeast. They typically are fermented between 68-75°F. Ales absorb some of the byproducts from the fermentation which cause can a fruity or estery nose or flavour.

Dry beer
In the late 80′s, Asahi Brewery of Japan refined a brewing process that fermented virtually all the sugars in their beer. Described as having less aftertaste, it actually had almost no taste at all. It sold well, though, so major breweries around the world began brewing “Dry Beers” of their own

Dry stout
The Irish version of stout, slightly more bitter and higher in alcohol than the English sweet stout.


Beer made with bottom fermenting yeast. Lager is fermented at lower temperatures and usually takes longer to ferment than ales. Since the fermentation is at low temperatures, the yeast byproducts are reduced and a cleaner more crisp beer is the result.

A beverage made from fermented honey.

1. A beer style. Typically crisp and refreshing, with a light to medium body and a clear, light to deep gold appearance.
2.These also are tall, somewhat thin walled, sloped glasses with a solid base. Their capacity is usually 12 oz.

Scotch Ale
A top-fermented beer of Scottish origin. Traditionally strong, very dark, thick and creamy.

Steam Beer
A beer produced by hybrid fermentation using bottom yeast fermented at top yeast temperatures. Fermentation is carried out in long shallow vessels called clarifiers, followed by warm conditioning and krausening. The style is indigenous to America and was first produced in California at the end of the 19th century, during the Gold Rush.

“White” beer. It is a cloudy wheat beer, spiced with corriander and orange peel.

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